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About Us | The Giving Pendant
the people behind The Giving Pendant movement

Team leaders

it takes a village. Plus two chiefs


Chief Designer and Co-Founder

Codi pours her heart and soul into the production and design of these beautiful pendants.  Her attention to detail brings the pendants to life with her unique perspective on combining several layers of depth and intention into the pieces.  Her three children also play an active role in the development and assembly of the pendants.  The vision for her children is to think outside of the societal norms with creation and community outreach while creating lasting memories with a strong focus in service.


Chief of Online Enterprises and Co-Founder

Kevin stays connected with the vision of The Giving Pendant by connecting with like minded groups and individuals to help enlarge the audience that the mission can reach.  A dedicated and inspirational member of the overall project, he has also been involved heavily with the production and product development of the pendants.  Kevin has a heart that beats with passion to share and heal.

Giving Thanks

We are blessed and thankful to have a tribe of friends and family that are helping us bring this vision to fruition.  To name a few, Alex, Carlene, Daniel & Nikkella we give special thanks.  We are thrilled to have them and several others aligned with our mission to act as a backbone to The Giving Pendant. Thank you for your continued love and support towards the #givingfamily.


Follow Us

Please join us in creating the start of a global hug. We all need help and support sometimes. At the end of the day, we are all in this together as one race. We have a beautiful opportunity to enrich the lives of so many simply by showing gratitude and compassion.