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Atlantis | The Giving Pendant

I received my pendant from one of my best friends in the whole world in April of 2022. I was reeling from a heavy loss. I felt rejected, confused, and unsure of my feelings about love. My friend Omar gave me this pendant and told me the idea behind it all. Receiving this pendant made me feel so good because I knew that it was given to me with love and trust. It looks so cool too! I named this pendant Atlantis because it was the first thing that came to my mind when I thought about a name. But the more I think of it, the more it goes beyond just a cool name. It fits with where I am and the way I feel as I wear it now. This pendant came to me when I was feeling particularly lost in life. According to legend, the lost city of Atlantis holds unimaginable treasure for the one who finds it. But to quote my favorite pirate Jack Sparrow, “not all treasure is silver and gold mate.” I couldn’t have imagined the feelings of love, trust, and responsibility I would get when I received this pendant, and I will treasure these feelings for years to come. This pendant reminded me that love is the answer. If you are ever feeling lost in life, it is my hope that this Atlantis pendant reminds you that the greatest treasure you can find in this world is always within you.