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Beautiful Karma | The Giving Pendant

My friend Minx had been wanting a Giving Pendant for so long. She told me about it when she saw mine but she wanted to wait for someone to give her one instead of purchasing one. I, on the other hand, have 3, all with different intentions. None of mine called out to her for me so I waited. I scoped the website here and there to wait for the right one.

Then I found the flower pendant.

This pendant was absolutely beautiful and I immediately knew it was for her. Minx is a performer and event host. She creates beautiful gatherings of energy and love. The flower represents her and her beautiful creations. The intentions are for her to receive the same energy and love that she puts out into the world. So she will continue to create amazing things and receive the beautiful rewards she deserves. I love this human and although I never wore this pendant, the intentions in it are still strong… the pendant was always hers anyways; I wasn’t meant to wear it, she was 💛

This pendant is for beautiful karma.