A New Way To Connect

The Giving Pendant

*Full website coming in late February 2020. Yes, there’s much more in the works wink

The Pendant

Beautiful, hand-crafted, laser cut…

Our beautiful, hand-crafted, laser cut and engraved pendants are unique and contain sacred healing stones that have been incorporated into the design. Each pendant offers an opportunity to be a part of a larger concept that will touch the lives of countless people across the globe.

in the making

Interactive Connections

Launching in late February 2020, the interactive portion of TheGivingPentant.com website will take center stage.








What it’s all about

The Giving Pendant project is about promoting experience and connection through the passing of these pieces of art. Doing so is intended to create a larger sense of community, compassion, empathy, support and creativity resulting in a more like-minded and harmonious planet. The concept of ‘non-attachment’ is the message that is crafted into each one of these intricate designs.


Our Vision Is Simple

Share experiences with others, support the people that surround you, create memories of joy, focus on our commonalities instead of our differences. When done with like-minded intention, we can provide experiences for people that can positively re-shape their lives. Every time a pendant is sponsored and passed, a memorable experience and remarkable connection has been created.


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Please join us in creating the start of a global hug. We all need help and support sometimes. At the end of the day, we are all in this together as one race. We have a beautiful opportunity to enrich the lives of so many simply by showing gratitude and compassion.