I initially bought this pendant simply because it immediately caught my eye because of how beautiful the colors glowed. Over time, it gained more sentiment to me. I would wear it to work as a hairstylist with hopes that I’d create something as beautiful like the flower on the pendant.

Time went by, and when Halloween came, I had this decoration hanging out on my porch and it swung up during a storm and looped these porch lights up on a hook. I left it because it didn’t really bother me and then I forgot about it. Well, even more time passed I started seeing a hummingbird fly around my house. It was the first one I had seen in the 4 years I lived in Glendale, AZ so it definifely got my attention. Eventually I started looking for a nest because I was seeing it so often and I found one up perched on the light bulb that swung up on the hook! I started wearing the necklace not only to show my support for her choice of housing but also in the hopes that I would also find a way to create amazing things in weird places.

Now we are going even further in time to Earthfest in Lakeland Florida 2023. My man is in florida so we have visited a few times; this was my second time to Maddox Ranch. Me and my man and our family were all camped together towards the back and were across from a girl doing braids. I thought that was so cool because I’ve done braids at festivals before too. After watching her do hair for hours, I finally decided to go talk to her. We had such a nice conversation and she reminded me of myself before I went to beauty school and how I just wanted to try hair and make people feel beautiful. She was doing such an amazing job for this being her first show doing braids! I gave her some tips that could help her improve some things that took me forever to figure out on my own. The excitement I saw in her eyes when she realized I had helped her with something she had been struggling with, made me so happy and made me feel inspired all over again to learn even more about hair.

I decided to gift her my hummingbird pendant with the intention of her going to weird places (like my hummingbird did) and create amazing things! I hope that she continues to create things and to spark the joy of feeling beautiful in everyone she touches.

It was so nice to meet you Kristen 💛