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DOOFER | The Giving Pendant

Hi! I’m DJ RigAZ, founder of the Anima Gemella Collective (AGC) (animagemella.org) and I brought my sound system and vintage travel trailer/mobile DJ booth out for the Disco Cowboy birthday bash at “The Dugout” under the big sky in the Arizona desert. It was here that I met the beautiful humans that make these and was gifted this pendant, which I have named DOOFER as in the sound big bass makes (doof, doof, doof) as well it’s what I call my sound “rig” as in “what would you DOOFER love. This project resonates so much with me and the intentions I have with the AGC. It is my sincerest hope that whoever receives DOOFER carries on the AGC’s message of spreading love where there is hate, peace where there is fear, and unity where there is division. Big love to you!