May this pendant serve as a reminder to remember. You were born for this! Your deepest inspiration is your connection to all that is.

Inspiration = In-spirited

That means it’s your Spirit, Yo!

Your Spirit is your purpose.

Your inspired Gift, when shared, is a direct connection to Source & it inspires/connects others to their Calling, & them to others & on & on into the Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible. We are here for this.

Your inspiration is endless fuel to fully realize your purpose. Open your heart & let your mind crumble. Allow It to move through you & move you as you release doubt.

When doubt shows up, generalize; zoom out. Feel appreciation for where you are now on the whole – it is all a necessary part of the Journey. However far off path you’ve gone is actually a good thing, it brought you clarity on what you actually for real-deal want. & it helps you be able to serve as Shaman to others off path.

Appreciation is fertile soil for hope to emerge, & when it does, zoom in on why you want it.

If it feels aligned & good, then zoom in on all the beautiful details & create possibilities!

Say allowed, “I’m creating the possibility that…” & then Live into that possibility.

Persist, have patience, be present, determined, assertive, & self-reliant.

Listen to your heart’s calling relentlessly, regardless of what others say, including society or the “powers that be.” Fuck what they say. Make your own Way, Dream Life Renegade!

I Love you. You got this!