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Experience Sondering | The Giving Pendant

May anyone who wear this pendant be able to fully embrace the experience of sondering. May you meditate on a deep understanding of the infinite complex realities unfolding around you.
May you understand that each atom in the universe had been on its own epic journey since that one moment they all shared at the Big Bang. You are the writer of your own story. You are a different character in every story you enter.

I received this pendant at Sonderfest 2022. I spent hours deciding which was the best of the set of 250 made for the festival.
A couple months later my husband and I met up with three of our dearest friends to hold memorial for our lost dog Atlas.
When we arrived to the campsite that was dear to our heart and nearby to where he had been laid to rest a young couple had their tent set up for the night.
We consulted each other and agreed to speak our truth. We prepared a $100 to offer to them to give up the site for the night. They refused our money.
I knew I had to make an offering.
I pulled the pendant from my neck.
“Part of our pride makes these pendants. They represent non-attachment. We hold so many possessions with a feeling that they are yours and yours forever but with these pendants you are not an owner, only a steward. Wear this pendant and give it your energy. When the time comes, pass it on with intention.
This pendant is unique as it came from Sonderfest.
On the back of this pendant is the definition of Sondering. “Realizing that each passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.”
Each one of us has a story, a movie of their life. As I enter your stage may this pendant allow you to feel the understanding of the infinite complex realities happening simultaneously around you.