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Flower of Creativity | The Giving Pendant

When I think of this pendant, I am reminded that the world needs to hear what I’ve got to say.

Intention- “I will express myself creatively, and share it with the world.” Or “I will take time every week for creative expression.“

I’ve always had blockages when it comes to creating art. Puzzles, games, and strategy have always come easy. But creating something where there’s no right or wrong answer, remains a challenge.

I’m confident that if I apply myself and provide time to create, I’ll be excellent.

In my case, I think writing poetry, rap, or even prose would produce great art. I consume a lot of content on current events, and realize the vast majority of people don’t hardly know anything at all about what’s going on in the world. Those that do pay attention get their news from propaganda sources, and are even worse than uninformed- they’re misinformed. Whereas I have a unique ability to discern truth from fake news,
I am confident that if I were to start vlogging my thoughts and opinions, it would be well-received and popular.

How do you want to express yourself creatively? What’s blocking you from sharing your art?

Don’t deny the world the gift of your creative expression!

IG- stevie_solves