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ICOSAHEDRA | The Giving Pendant

I first saw this pendant, or one like it, at Gem and Jam and immediately fell in love because the icosahedron symbol is also the logo of my favorite artist Odesza. I have traveled many miles, across multiple states and countries, to see Odesza play (18 times so far).

Weeks after the event I went to Phoenix for M3F Festival and met an amazing soul named Michael. We talked about traveling, festivals, and life. He was wearing a different Giving Pendant and I complimented him and we talked about what a brilliant form of art they are. He showed me a picture of another pendant he had…and it was the Odesza one. I gushed over it for a minute before the conversation changed topics and eventually we parted ways.

Later that day after entering the festival I met up with Michael and he gifted me the pendant surrounded by all of my friends new and old. I quite literally cried into Michael’s arms and the energy of the moment has stuck with me even still, a week later.

I told Michael that I plan to hold onto the pendant and pack as many blessings and memories into it until I find the right Odesza fan at a show, probably close to the front of the stage 🙂 I am so excited to blow someone’s mind like Michael blew mine. We will be friends for life and I will be buying another Giving Pendant at my next opportunity!

All the love. Be kind to one another and especially yourself.

❤ Jared
@jared.wooden on IG