I got this pendant on March 13, at my birthday party. This was not just any birthday party. This was the first birthday I have ever celebrated and this was my 31st year of life.
This time of my life is so significant to me, that I called at my rebirth-day party.
In fact, this day was both a dream manifested, and a higher timeline, called in.
This day was a catalyst to the most potently energized back up change in all the best ways that I have ever experienced in my life.

This necklace found me in the midst of all of this.
This day marked the time when I invited liberation, freedom, self acceptance, abundance, community as my reality and I moved through the most amount of fear and self doubt to land in a place of surrender and trust. Trusting that my destiny, my life’s plan is magnificent and my future holds all the desires and dreams that live inside me.

This necklace signifies for me – magic, divinity, blessings, and abundance.