I received this beautiful gift from a Powerful Soul at the end of a life-changing ceremonial retreat. The amount of healing, love, and connection that unfolded in the container we created throughout the five days we shared was pivotal in my journey. This unique gift giver passed this piece to me, saying that he had brought it with him to the experience to give to the person who impacted him most significantly. The truth is he held space for me and allowed room for me to forgive and surrender events that had taken place earlier in my life that I thought I had already cleared and let go.

This pendant was a physical representation of a psychic, spiritual, emotional, and physical transformation in my reality and almost a daily reminder of what I now know to be true from the core of my being. The ancient knowing confirmed that I sometimes couldn’t express with words, and I look forward to the day I can offer this blessing to another brother or sister. Sat Nam🙏🏻 Pura Vida🤙