Life is so precious and friendships are very very important …sometimes we say and do things that we regret and it can hurt …theres nothing that anybody can do in this world to change somebody’s mind except for them selves … I was gifted this pendant from a person who im no longer connected to and it hurts but the strength of this pendant is very strong …I consider the person that handed this to me as one of the most pure people I know and I was hurting alot from a passing that would change the way I lived my life…apologies for that dude …I now pass this pendant to one of the friends I had that was true to my heart for many years before leaving my hometown and stayed true to being my friend for many years …I miss the ones I love that have passed on and I hope this pendant helps whoever it reaches realize that the ones that pass away to the other side and out of our lives will always be with us spiritual….my journey is glassblowing and I am proud to have that In my life @monsoonglass on ig is my tag if you somehow get this pendant check my journey out and let me know where it’s gotten to !!