My intention is a bit more specific than what is asked. This pendant has a blue star and a purple moon, with alchemy symbols the encircle these.

My father passed away on June 9, 2021. He always said “Love you to the moon and back”. I go by the stage name ‘Moondust’. Blue is his favorite color. Now he is a star saying to me, “I love you to the moon and back”, myself being the moon.

Dad- also known as John Sharketti- was the one who brought me to every orchestra practice before school in second grade onward, and he was the first person I ever played music on a stage with. He lead our church’s praise and worship team and I played violin with him when he lead the worship service. I think I was 8. We then switched churches and continued to play in the band together, until they kicked us off the team because we needed to ‘dive deeper into God’s word’ or something hypocritical and petty. This experience gave me thick skin and made me question everything, quickly leading me away from the church, which to be honest was a path I was already on.

Today, I’m spiritual but not religious, though I do subscribe to aspects of certain religions. I still pray every day in my own way.

I have 5 alchemy symbols tattooed on my arm- fire, air, earth, water and spirit. When I pray, I face the four directions and thank each element associated with it. I energetically place a sacred circle around myself as I pray with these elements in mind and thank each one for its qualities.

When I play music, I feel closest to my highest self, God and the elements. Music is a prayer in and of itself each time. I pray for God’s energy ti flow through me and touch the lives around me and raise the vibration in the entire space inward and onward for each and every person and our planet. The Butterfly Effect is a real thing- energy goes on infinitely and one smile can traverse the globe through each person who shares the energy from the first one.

The intention has several intentions. One of these is to always remember that our loved ones go on energetically after death. My father repeatedly sends me signs- I asked him to send three bluebirds after he passes and he has done this in several tangible and creative ways. He has also let me know he is looking out for me in other ways and I especially feel him near when I play music.

Another intention is to remember that music and energy are powerful forces. The energy we carry has the power to transmute and expand throughout space and time. Use music and energy to raise the vibration of yourself and the planet, setting an intention each time you listen or play in this energetic realm of sound.

The alchemy symbols in sacred circle serve to set the intention to embrace the qualities of each element and hold every aspect of our planet and her spirit sacred, for we are all interconnected.

I pray that whomever wears this pendant uses their talents to spread awareness of the sacred nature of our planet and ways we can help to protect her- save the pollinators by planting gardens, reduce single use plastic, and stop supporting businesses that pollute our waters and desecrate our rainforests.

I pray that whomever wears this pendant actualizes their intentions in the realm of music.

I pray that whomever wears this remembers the sacredness of family and carries the heart of my father and any loved ones in their lives forward.

I will pass this pendant along when the time feels right, likely when I have put out my first album, which will be called ‘Love You to the Moon and Back’ and after or during the tour for this album. It will go to someone very special. I don’t know who, but whomever you are- you are valued and loved and you have the ability to actualize every potential you seek out.