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Peer thru the Sunlit Leaves | The Giving Pendant

I was gifted this pendant from the beautiful owners of The Giving Pendant and was told that it is called “Sun and Moon”, but to me it is something different… It reminds me of the wild, it promises of the unknown, it reflects the deep jungle of our souls. I have realized while wearing this that it resonates with who I am as a person at heart…forever swinging a vine deep into the unknown, who knows if it’ll snap…but that’s what it’s all about!
My intention for this pendant and everyone who wears it, is to connect with our wild side. To do things out of our comfort zone and continue to fly even when everyone else says, “That’s impossible, you’ll fall!” You can do ANYTHING you put your heart to. I intend for this pendant to travel far and wide, and while it sits on each person’s chest, may it bring attention to our inner jungle, bursting with aliveness and passion, just waiting to be explored. May this pendant serve as protection and a guide into the unknown wild; for the highest risks bring the greatest rewards.