The day before thanksgiving we suddenly lost my father. The memorial service was held in a church that he heavily contributed time, talent and treasure. My grandfather left him a small golden box which held spare change. Mostly pennies. These pennies were collected whenever they felt “the presence of God”. Over the years, this box became full. Upon further inspection, we discovered an array of letters between the two of them. They had developed a beautiful relationship illustrated in these letters. Our family read them to each other for comfort after our tragic loss. Many of these letters were tomes, filled with life lessons, which have proved to be timeless.
The most profound, a story about the relationship between God and us. It is said; that when it rains, it rains ‘Pennies from Heaven’. A lovely sentiment that truly embraces what it means to be spiritual beings, living human existence. A truly fleeting endeavor. The time is too short.
As it turns out, The pennies collected were from chance encounters “Oh! A penny?” My son was just born. I’d pick it up and put it in my pocket. “That was a horrible accident! I cant beleive we walked away without a scratch! Will you look at that? a penny.” My Dad picked it up, put it in his pocket and eventually placed it in this box.
A few years later, I had a penny tattooed, convienently positioned on my left forearm. In my career; I’ve worked with tens of thousands of people, one of those, a wonderful artist from Santa Fe New Mexico. She told me, the forearm in her culture represents “The sacred Aum”. A symbol of masculinity(non-toxic) that is to be embraced. She found it quite serendipitous, my choice of location for this permanent fixture on my body. In her words “That is your father speaking to you”. I have always loved this sentiment…. n
The symbol on this Pendant — “The Sacred Aum (ohm)”
The recipient of this Pendant must embrace a value system congruent with these principles.
1)You must live a life moving towards things for which you are passionate.
2)You must believe in something greater than yourself
3)You must be durable in character
4)You must believe in the power of creativity
5)You must keep this for at least one year
6)Before blessing another, you must share your most profound experience of that year.
7)Finally, You may not have known the bequeathed for longer than an hour. Choose wisely. The Generation has begun..
The absent minded Professor