I am trans…At Gem & Jam a stranger asked me my birthgiven name. I told him the biblical origin story of it and how I go by Pheonix Rhrising because it resonates with me. I felt reluctant to confess my given name, but I did because I felt called to. After that interaction I went to the main stage to dance to String Cheese… In the midst of a dance a stranger walked up to me through the crowd and told me that he needed to tell me the story of how the Phoenix named itself, nobody named the Phoenix…I was Shook! I hadn’t met him before that or told him my name or anything!
“My name is Pheonix!!” I shouted over the music, jaw hitting the floor.
“I know, you’re a phoenix.” He said nonchalantly as he put the pendant around my neck and then he left.

It was a genuinely spiritual experience.