My intention for myself and everyone that wears this pendant is – to be enlightened, find the light even in darkest paths and remember love is a key. I will use this pendant to remind me to show love spread love and divine kindness, mercy and love I have in my life that I will share everyday. See kindness and express gratitude in everything and everyone. Remind me my worth my strength and my creativity. There is no past no future only now! As LSDREAM said in Ace of Cups;
What does it mean to trust?
It means to have such inner-knowing that your thoughts create your world
To simply be quite certain
With divine nonchalance and inner-knowing
That if you think of something, it is
Emotion is the key to all of this
As human beings you need emotion to connect you with your spiritual self
Because emotion generates feeling
You need emotions to comprehend the non-physical
Which is why emotions have been so controlled upon this planet
Most human beings are afraid of their emotional or feeling center
They are afraid to feel
Trust your feelings no matter what they are
When you are not afraid of feeling
And you move past judgement
And allow yourself to feel all the ways you feel
You will have a tremendous breakthrough
You must learn to love your emotions.
Love Ganja Jane