I am writing this very late, but better late than never! I received this pendant from my partner, Rhett. At the time that he gave me this pendant, we were not romantically together officially, though not for lack of love or compatibility. Rather, I was learning to really let love in & to be with the parts of myself that I didn’t love. It was difficult for me to fully receive the pendant at first because I wasn’t fully receiving Love (the love from him, from myself, from Creator).

When he passed it to me, he said that his intention with the necklace had been connection & that he had found that with me. It was a beautiful full circle moment…He used to live in NYC & worked in finance for many years until he started waking up to his heart & quit his job. Someone asked him why he did that, what he was searching for, to which he responded, “connection”.

My intention with this pendant was to learn to not “search among the branches for what only can be found in the roots”. I realized that so much of my life I’d been seeking love, validation, security, & a sense of control outside of myself & I wanted to really bring all of that seeking energy back to center, back to the “trunk” of my tree.

I learned this lesson deeply & I found that I can be my own tree…that I can be everything for myself. My roots, my outstretched arms, the solidness of bark & the flow of leaves in the wind. I learned that I can be all of that & still love & be loved without losing any part of myself…that I can be fully whole & also fully love. I learned interdependency instead of codependency or hyper-independence (which were the extremes that I oscillated between for years)…still learning though, lol. Life is an ever-deepening journey.

I received the pendant from Rhett in August of 2021 & a few months later in December, I professed my love to him. 🙂 We’ve now been in co-creative union for almost 3 months & it’s the most beautiful, soul-expanding, wonderfully challenging adventure. We’re continuing to grow individually as our own unique trees while also connecting our networks of branches & roots to create a space of transformative love between us. I pray that all who receive this pendant, and all of the beings in the world, who seek conscious romantic connection, will find their divinely aligned counterpart (of course, they will ;)) & that all hearts may open to embrace Love in all it’s forms.

Some other fun stories & synchronicities of this pendant… Rhett got his pendant at One Love music festival in May 2021, which is also where I got my first pendant, which was named “Flow”, so we’d say that we were growing (tree pendant) & flowing. In moments of transformation during the festival & beyond, we’d jokingly say, “We allll up in that flowy-growy sh**” in silly voices.

Another fun One Love story…At the time, I was moving on from a previous relationship & that person was at the festival. I had just gotten my pendant & was feeling a lot of pain in my heart as I witnessed my former lover dancing sensually with others from the back corner of the dance floor. My very intuitive new friend Hannah came over to me & that he could have only ever be a few channels, a few branches for me, but that I deserved someone who was the whole tree. Meanwhile, my tree was off somewhere else in the festival wearing a tree around his neck. 🙂

I passed this pendant on to my sister Kay when my family came & visited me in AZ for Christmas. It’s been such an honor to see her grow into the beautiful tree that she is so I wanted to bless her with the intentions & magic that have been infused into the necklace by Rhett & I. We both love her very much. And you, future pendant wearer, we love you too. <3 We are always connected in our hearts, even if we have never met. You are a miracle.