The intention I’ve set for this pendant is- Social Connector
The stone in the center represents the wearer of this pendant. The six surrounding circles represent our different circles of friends. For example, one circle might be my work friends. Another might be work out friends, another party friends, another family / roommates/ chill friends, and maybe 2 activities that you’ve got friends in. Be the connecting center stone that invites people to try new things.
For me, I am now ready to relinquish this piece because whenever I meet someone new, I have 3 unique activities to invite them to. Each activity is involves comfort zone expansion, creative expression, and community. For me these activities are:
Yoga (Thursday Papago Jam)
Toastmasters (public speaking club)
Improv Comedy Classes.

I invite people I meet to try either of these activities based on our conversation and interaction. It serves nobody to invite somebody to a thing they have no interest in.

What are your three go-to activities that you can easily include guests and invite new friends to try?