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 Blue green / turquoise

Considered a master healer, turquoise promotes the energetic flow of love in its purest state.  Associated with the heart chakra, this stone that allows the holder to work through emotional traumas that have built up over time.


Dark green / forest

Known to be one of the most powerful stones that one can use to rid emotional blockages, it is used for grounding purposes in new directions that are taken in life.  It promotes abundance of spirit and cleansing of chakras that make way for spiritual and emotional vitality.  Malachite works hand in hand with your creative mind in working through understanding in your creative process.

Lapis Lazuli

Mid – dark blue

In ancient Sumerian life, this stone was believed to contain the spirit of the gods.  Benefits include greater communication in relationships, friendships and family situations.  The healing powers of this stone are strongly tied to strength in partnerships, promoting integrity and trust.  It helps calm our feelings of disorder, frustration and irritation.  This calming effect makes it specifically useful when working through addictions of all kinds.

Purple Fluorite

Mid – dark purple

Due to it being directly linked to the third eye chakra, visions of mystical nature tend to increase when using this stone, bringing about practical application of intuitive thinking.  Purple flrourite is considered to be one of the most balanced stones, not only on the user, but also the user’s environment.  It is also known to promote, and even induce, trance meditative states for those who struggle with a meditation practice.


Light – mid purple

It can used to break addictions of several kinds including physical and emotional.  Also a pro-hormone stone, Amethyst balances your metabolism, immunities, and digestion.  Metaphysical properties include an overwhelming sense of calmness and clarity.  Meditation with these stones through times of disorder has a very grounding and relaxing effect which allows the user to move through decisions while relieving anxiety of the situation.


Mid – light green

This is the stone of abundance in all things.  With its mind balancing properties, this stone of compassion brings health, wellness, and peace to relationships.

Red/Fire Opal

 Mid – dark red

This stone promotes truth, happiness and hope.  It alleviates the struggles associated within the spiritual body to help navigate with a sound mind through the process of grieving.


Grey – black

A stone of protection and truth, it shields from negativity and psychic attack.  This shielding alleviates mental stress and tension by providing insight to energies that may be depleting you.

Black Tourmaline

Dark grey – black

Similar to Obsidian, Black Tourmaline offers protection against negative energies that are aimed toward an individual and their psyche.  It offers protection from and cleansing of negative energies in people and spaces, and is known to transmute stuck energy into high vibrations.

Red Jasper

Mid – rust red

This grounding stone brings great connectivity to the earth.  Based in the lower 3 chakras, Red Jasper can offer stability when the mind and spirit wander off course.  This stone allows the user to understand the dream space on a deeper level.


light – mid yellow/gold

A highly intellectual stone, Citrine offers the user elevated creativity and self-expression.  Used to alleviate depression and deep rooted fears, this cleansing stone allows your inner light to manifest through the shadows of your mind. 


light cream – white

A stone that promotes emotional stability and inner strength, it will enhance intuitive states and amplify creativity and inspiration.  Linked to the crown chakra, this stone allows for the intuitive process to manifest in physical form.
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