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Wear> Share> Give> Follow

Wear> As the first to wear a pendant you are begining the movement! Share> Once you have received it, come back to the website to set your intention for the pendant and all those who will wear it after you.  Give> When you feel it is time, give your pendant onward and encourage others to share the story of how they received the pendant you passed them. Follow> Check back on pendant to watch how many people become part of what you started!

Giving Thanks

We are blessed and thankful to have a tribe of friends and family that are helping us bring this vision to fruition.  To name a few, Alex, Carlene, Daniel & Nikkella we give special thanks.  We are thrilled to have them and several others aligned with our mission to act as a backbone to The Giving Pendant. Thank you for your continued love and support towards the #givingfamily.


Follow Us

Please join us in creating the start of a global hug. We all need help and support sometimes. At the end of the day, we are all in this together as one race. We have a beautiful opportunity to enrich the lives of so many simply by showing gratitude and compassion.