Greetings it was 2021. I just stepped in to the new amazing challenging beautiful roller coaster. When I’m invited to the winter solstice and I meet the owners of the giving pendant they are so heart welcoming and I fell in love with their work and story. I wasn’t able to purchase cause I didn’t have money. So this pendant found me this day after participating in some amazing body mind spirit and soul healing. I ended up participating in a 4 corners of the earth activity and it was absolutely fulfilling to my child inside me. Julian ended up giving me this pendant. He was my partner in the family activity Which prior to me coming to this venue I had experience so much with the hummingbird. I wear my pendant everywhere. The power of love. The power of knowledge. I truly appreciate you all making it possible to share our story. I love you both. I also love whoever else is on this plant form. We rise together. Yes yes yes. Shalom family
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