This pendant is a reminder that you are god too, you are the universe, you are your ancestor, you are mystical ancient knowledge. Let this pendant be a reminder that you have everything to accomplish anything you want. Just reach within, with love, compassion, and gratitude, and you will find all the power you need. You are an awesome beautiful powerful creature, just like a zooming colibri, spreading the love to all the human flowers.

With much much love

ps: I first found this pendant in the middle of the night inside a dark potter potty at Gateway Ranch, Flagstaff. I was not having a pleasant time in there after tasting a collection of hot sauces from Matt that morning. Also, I was experiencing a come-up from M while sitting on the toilet. I looked up and saw this pendant. It was a gift. From the darkest moments inside a potter potty, a phoenix colibri rose from the ashes to illuminate the rest of my night.